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WikiPublisher plugin for jenkins

Sometimes, folks other than the developers are interested in the finding out about the different builds and the components (upstream projects) that are in a build. These other folks might be managers or non-programming types that don’t have access to Jenkins or are not interested in looking up things on Jenkins. They prefer to just see a website with all builds listed. This plugin attempts to satisfy that need.

We have an internal wiki site for sharing useful information and that seems as good a place as any to share information about current builds of projects. So, I’ve written the wiki publisher plugin that publishes your build name along with the names of all of its upstream builds to a wiki page you’ve configured. The names are also linked back to their corresponding build on Jenkins so that you can go from wiki to Jenkins to download artifacts or lookup changes.

This plugin is modeled after the Confluence Publisher plugin that is available for Jenkins. There are two separate configuration pages. In the global configuration page, you need to setup your list of wiki sites that you would like to publish to. I expect most will only have one site setup here but its nice to know you can add more. If your wiki site uses authentication, then you need to setup your username, password, domain for the user that Jenkins will use to publish to the wiki site. Make sure that this user has edit permission on the wiki pages. Also, I’ve only tested it against a wiki that authenticates against LDAP server. So there’s the possibility that it won’t work on other setups. One additional note of caution. Your wiki site may be using https but only use a self signed certificate. In that’s the case, then do not check the “use https” link or it won’t work.

Now that you have your wiki site setup, its time to configure your project to publish to the wiki site. Open up your project configuration page and you will see a new section to publish build results to a wiki. Here, select the wiki site your setup previously and enter the name of the page where the results are to be published. The plugin won’t create the page itself and you must go to your wiki and setup an empty page before running any builds.

This plugin uses the jwbf library for publishing to the wiki and that library has a dependency on log4j 1.2.14 or above. Unfortunately, Jenkins uses an older version and so on your Jenkins machine, you must setup the “java.endorsed.dirs” environment variable to point to a directory that contains log4j 1.2.14 or above.

Let me know if this plugin has been useful to you and thanks to the excellent Jenkins build tool.

WikiPublisher on Github

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  1. vishwas
    October 22, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Can I get this plugin

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