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How a good day turns bad

I’m in Seattle for a 4-day training course on AWS at Amazon and the weather here is a sunny 75 degrees. Today was the first day of training, I learned a lot of good information, had a good lunch and walked back to hotel. For dinner, coworkers and I decide to walk to the nearest Thai restaurant. Everything was going great. I ordered a Tum Kha soup. After eating the worst Thai food I’ve ever had, we walk back to hotel while foolishly looking at South Lake Union and not at the path ahead.

I entered the hotel elevator and another guy in the elevator walks away from me to the back wall of the elevator. Then I look down at the floor and notice something there. I lift my shoe up and aaah, there is what can only be human feces all over it. It couldn’t be dog shit cause there was just too much of it. I limped over to my room and spent the next half hour cleaning up the shoe.

Now I sit here washing down this day with some good lemon tea and musing about the piece of shit that’s still lying on the floor of the hotel elevator. I should really call the front desk and tell them about it. I now also regret not paying tip yesterday at the dirty Indian restaurant where I ate dinner; at least their food tasted okay.

Here’s hoping the rest of the trip will be more uneventful – Manchester United vs. Sounders!!

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